Building Management

  1. Building condition survey report / dilapidation report, listing of building defects for the attention of consultants and contractors;
  2. Advising and attending to property maintenance related issues;
  3. Liaising with residents, attending to complaints or emergencies which may arise from time to time;
  4. Formulating and implementing preventive maintenance program for machinery & equipment plants and other building services;
  5. Designing and implementing building operation policies and system;
  6. Formulating and implementing standard operating procedure for various emergencies;
  7. Facilities management;
  8. Monitoring and supervising site staff, cleaners and other service contractors engaged to ensure that proper standards of service are attained at all times;
  9. Engaging, instructing and supervising builders, contractors or repairers to undertake repair works;
  10. Ensuring that operating expenses are kept to the minimum through budgetary control; and
  11. Acting promptly in issuing notices of breach or non-compliance of any by-laws, regulations, house rules or notices of repairs.