Tenancy Management

  1. Advise owner on matter pertaining to the Tenancy Agreement;
  2. Marketing and advertising for rental;
  3. To arrange viewing of unit with potential tenant or estate agent;
  4. Liaising between the Tenant and the owner for the preparation and execution of the Tenancy Agreement;
  5. Tenancy expiry monitoring and renewal of tenancy;
  6. To conduct periodical inspection to the premise, to advise owner on the state of the building and suggest maintenance and rectification works if found to be necessary;
  7. Monitoring of tenancy compliance, inspection will be conducted to monitor and establish whether or not the Tenant is contravening with any of the covenants as stipulated in the Tenancy Agreement, appropriate action will be suggested and engaged to rectify the non compliance;
  8. Liaising with the tenants, attending to complaints or emergencies, which may arise from time to time;
  9. Issuing of monthly rental invoice to the Tenant;
  10. Taking the necessary action, legal or otherwise, to recover arrears and other dues, as provided for in the terms and conditions of the Tenancy Agreement;
  11. Making payments to Relevant Authorities and/or Companies in respect of Quit Rent and Assessment, service charges, sinking fund and any other payments from rental received;
  12. Collecting and receiving all rentals due from the Tenant and deposit the same to the Property Management Operation Account;
  13. To represent owner in liaising with the management corporation on the reinstatement cost of the entire development, to ensure units are adequately insured;
  14. To advise owner on insurance policy to be engaged to ensure premises are adequately insured against several other risks (other than the fire insurance effects by Management Corporation)
  15. To advise on sum insured and premium of all insurance policies engaged;
  16. To represent owner to initiate insurance claim;
  17. To liaise with insurance company and insurance adjuster; to ensure optimum claims are realized;