Building Executive

Posted 3 years ago

Position Objective :
Responsible for providing leadership, management, see to the day-to-day smooth operation of the property management of the assigned project scheme (“the building”).

Job Requirements :
1) Assist the Property Manager in maintaining a high standard of service delivery and efficient management, operation and administration of the building.
2) Report for duty at the building on time according to the employment terms and be on site whenever required at whatever time.
3) Assist the Property Manager in liaising between the various parties e.g. the Management Council/Management Body, owners/occupants, suppliers, service providers, local authorities, etc.
4) Coordinate and monitor the day-to-day maintenance duties/activities with the maintenance team and contractors/subcontractors/suppliers/agents, etc.
5) Supervise the project when contractors are doing repair or renovation works.
6) Inspect the grounds, common facilities and buildings to determine whether repairs or maintenance are needed.
7) Attend to complaints on operational matters by the owners/occupants tactfully and professionally and take appropriate rectification actions according to procedures herein.
8) Ensure that all service contracts are properly documented.
9) Ensure that all service contract works are carried out in accordance with the work specifications in the contract.
10) Ensure that the building operation system is fully implemented and complied with.
11) Assist the Property Manager to devise and implement emergency evacuation procedure in the building.
12) Carry out evacuation drill periodically as required.
13) Inspect the buildings regularly to ensure that the building fabric is maintained in accordance with the standards required.
14) Submit daily and monthly reports to the Property Manager on operations of the building and highlighting problems or defects that need attention.
15) Assist the Property Manager to devise an annual preventative programme for all services in the building.
16) Assist the Property Manager in preparing work specifications and building works necessary and calling for tender.
17) Devise a Job Requisition Form for use by occupants in the building for minor maintenance works.
18) Monitor and ensure that all licenses are renewed on/before due dates.
19) Monitor and ensure that all service and maintenance contracts are reviewed on/before due dates.
20) Ensure that up-to-date property particulars, drawings and list of inventories in the building are available at all time.
21) Assist the Property Manager in devising House Rules for the building and to ensure that these rules are adhered to by all owners/occupants in the building.
22) Responsible and accountable to keep updated stock inventory of maintenance tools, electrical items, parts and consumables.
23) Be on site whenever required at whatever time.
24) Perform other duties as deemed necessary by the Property Manager.

Note :
The above are only an outline of some of your duties. You may be required from time to time to assist the other maintenance staff attached to the building as and when the Property Manager deems fit. Accordingly, your duties may vary from time to time for which instructions will be issued.

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