Chargeman / Maintenance Supervisor

Posted 3 years ago

Position Objective :
a) Assist the Property Manager to efficiently and effectively manage the operational functions of the property management services and achieve departmental and business goals of the Company.
b) Overall responsible for the proper functioning and maintenance of mechanical and electrical system installed at the Building.

Job Requirements :
1) Actively involvement in the liaison with the management office, especially in the areas of liaison of administrative tasks such as preparation of reports, follow-up and check on status of work progress.
2) Supervising and liaising with various appointed maintenance and service contractors on the maintenance of building services, building fabric, cleaning service, external landscaping, etc.
3) Handle day-to-day complaints received from owners/occupants by having proper records and recommend solutions and actions to rectify the problems.
4) Ensure that all common fittings in the building are in good working condition.
5) Checking and testing of the various fire protection systems including hose reel system, hydrant system, carbon dioxide system, fire alarm system, portable fire extinguisher, power comer system and smoke ventilation system.
6) Periodic checking of lifts on ventilation system, lift doors, buttons, lighting and motors to ensure that they are in good working condition.
7) To carry out inspection and periodic testing of generator sets on fuel level, battery fluid level, battery charges, coolant level, temperature monitor, pressure monitor, oil pressure monitor, stop function, adjustment of clamp force, v-belt tension.
8) Checking and testing of intercom system which covers test sockets and connectors for good joints, input and output circuitries for open circuitry and short circuiting, clean contact for corrosion and check the system for functionality.
9) Checking and testing of swimming pool pumps to ensure that they are in working order. The works include inspection of strainer, pump basket, valves, underwater lights and control switchboard.
10) To check and ensure that the automatic gate function smoothly which includes ensuring that the motor is in good order, with no blocking of gate railing and switch functioning.
11) To check and ensure that all common areas lighting for the building are in good working order of which the works include changing of fused bulbs, setting of timer, replacing of blown fuse, trouble shooting of short circuit and safety precaution for all electrical installation.
12) Be on site whenever required at whatever time.
13) Perform other duties as deemed necessary by the Building Manager and/or the Property Manager.

Note :
The above are only an outline of some of your duties. You may be required from time to time to assist the other maintenance staff attached to the building as and when the Property Manager deems fit. Accordingly, your duties may vary from time to time for which instructions will be given.

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